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hijama treatment's benefit.

                                   What is hijama
Hijama (cupping) is a method of treatment in which a cup is put on various points of the body and reflex zones usually on the back, abdomen or legs to cause local congestion through a negative pressure created by a special pump. The negative pressure can be also created by introducing heat in the form of an ignited material. Stimulating these zones by drawing blood flow to them in turn stimulates the tissue and internal organs to which the zones are believed to correspond. Also, the cups create minor bruising; this triggers the immune system. Then the cup is removed and a small superficial incisions using a sterile surgical blade are made. The cups are re-placed and a negative pressure (vacuum) is created again. The created negative pressure pulls out the diseased blood out of the body that in turn poured into the cups and then the diseased blood is disposed.
benefit of hijama

History of hijama treatment

Ancient Egyptians had used therapeutic cupping as drawn on the walls of tombs and temples. Ancient Egyptians were the first to use cupping therapy systematically. Ebers papyrus, thought to be the oldest medical textbook approximately 1550 B.C., in Egypt, describes bleeding by cupping in order to remove the foreign matter from the body.

Typ of hijama(cupping)

It is the process in which a cup is placed on specific areas of the body and negative pressure (vacuum) in order to collect the blood in that area without incisions

Wet cupping (hijama)

It is the process in which a cup is placed on specific areas of the body and negative pressure (vacuum) in order to collect the blood in that area with incisions to remove 'harmful' blood that lies just underneath the surface of the skin.

Wet cupping (Hijama) must be performed by a cupping (Hijama) therapist.

Cupping prevents hair loss and baldness/alopecia?

By performing dry cupping on the scalp, the suction can help open the follicles and promote blood circulation to help maintain the hair. This theory only applies to follicles that are still alive. Wet cupping on the head can also be effective as it will get rid of many harmful toxins and pathogens that build up underneath the scalp. Individuals who wish to perform dry or wet cupping on their head must shave of their hair for easy suction. If you are worried about hair loss then you can try cupping/hijama therapy.

Benefit of hijama

It removes dead blood cells from the cardiovascular system, purifies blood and increase red and white blood cells.
It clears veins, arteries and capillaries.
It clears blockages or stagnated circulation.
It promotes smooth circulation of blood: decrease in blood carbon dioxide level and increase in blood oxygen level and allow blood to circulate more actively.
It strengths immune system: Blood circulate more smoothly thus old waste products get disposed more effectively, immune system is strengthened and resistance against disease enhances.
It promotes cell activities: cleansed blood circulates throughout the body, allowing cells to become more active and hormone secretions to increase. This retards aging process in many parts of the body.
It allows the release of local toxins.
It stimulates the lymphatic system.
It balances vital energy.
Hijama is a cure

Hijama is very beneficial in improving the general heath and wellbeing; it is also a cure for a wide range of disease and conditions, for instance;

Migraine headaches.
Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Pain in the neck and back and stiff or swollen joints.
Stomach problems and stomach ulcers.
High blood pressure.
Psychological disorders.
Some cases of paralysis.
Back pain and joint pain.
Constipation, digestive problems and loss of appetite.
Lack of ovulation for women, menstrual problems, endometriosis, many other diseases and other women health problems.
Involuntary urination.
sciatic nerve pain.

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